Portfolio of David Brear

Below are several examples of websites on which I’ve severed in whole or in part as the user interface developer. These pages include both personal and professional projects and the attached images are screenshots of the pages where most of my work was done. Although I am unable to show it, most of these pages are entirely responsive, incorporating Bootstrap’s responsive elements or written with custom media queries. 


Tugg Products


  • Senior Developer behind the Tugg Products web application powering http://licenses.tugg.com
  • Product uses: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Bootstrap and JQuery


Tugg Theatrical


  • Senior Developer as well as System Administrator for Tugg Theatrical http://www.tugg.com
  • Project uses: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, MySQL, JQuery on a Rackspace Dedicated Server instance.


Spiceworks Community





  • Creator of ToTheMusic (http://tothemusic.com) site for coordinating shows between bands.
  • Project uses: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Postgres, JQuery, (Redis in development)


Tic Tac Toe




JQuery Sticky Box


  • Static to fixed position elements jquery plugin prior to Bootstrap Javascript component.
  • Code available at: https://github.com/DavidBrear/stickybox
  • Difference is this implementation retains the flow of the page by using a placeholder element when the stuck element is positioned fixed.
  • Leads to no jumping when an element is “stuck”.
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